Convert Delta files to SDD format

How to

If openDelta is already installed, go to step 3.
  1. Download OpenDelta
  2. Install openDelta (ref : Installation Instructions)
  3. Open your (.dlt) file with deltaEditor (installed in openDelta)
  4. Export the delta base in files format
    • click on File menu then Export in the menu list
    • echo "Export every directive and files (see here)
  5. Zip the folder created in step 4
  6. Choose your zip file in the file browser (see) and click on send
  7. right click on the link 'SDD XML' and select save link as...

Sdd Tools

Delta To Sdd (here)

Convert Delta knowledge base to SDD

Ikey + (here)

Identification Key generation Web service

Mkey + (here)

Interactive Identification Web service

Add a Delta File to convert:
Delta File ( in zip format ):

About SDD file format

SDD is a standard created by TDWG specially to store and exchange descriptives data.
Your SDD file can be generate using Xper2 software.

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