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Users of the site are required to respect the provisions of the law regarding information technology, files and freedoms of which the violation is subject to criminal punishment. In particular, they must refrain, with regard to private information that they access, from any collection, any inappropriate use and, generally, any act that may infringe the private life or reputation of persons.

Users of the site must acknowledge that they have checked that the computer configuration used does not contain any viruses and that it is in perfect working order.

The manager of the portal puts everything into operation in order to offer users available and verified information and/or tools but cannot be held responsible for errors, the lack of availability of information and/or the presence of a virus on the site. The information provided by the site owner are indicative in nature and does not excuse the user from conducting an additional and personalised analysis. The site owner cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information distributed through the site, nor how up-to-date it is. As a result, the user acknowledges that he or she is solely responsible for his or her use of this information.

In particular, users are informed that, in compliance with article 32 of the amended law regarding I.T., files and freedoms of 6 January 1978, information communicated by users due to forms on the site is necessary in order to fulfil their requests and are intended for the site owner, who is responsible for its processing for administrative purposes.

Users are informed that, during their visits to the site, a cookie may be automatically installed in their browser software. The cookie is a block of data that does not allow users to be identified but is used to record information related to the browsing activity of the latter within the site. The configuration of the browser software allows for the indication of the presence of a cookie.
Users have the right to access, remove and modify personal data communicated through cookies in the conditions indicated above.

The general structure, as well as the software, texts, animated or non-animated images, sounds, know=how and all the other elements that make up the site are the sole property of the site owner.

Hard copy reproduction

Except for iconography, the reproduction of pages from this site onto hard copy is authorised subject to the respect of the three following conditions:
- Distribution for free
- Respect of the integrity of the reproduced documents (no modifications or alterations of any kind)
- Explicit reference to the site as the source and an indication that the reproduction rights are reserved and strictly limited.

Electronic reproduction

The electronic reproduction in whole or in part of this site is authorised for private use subject to the clear and legible addition of the source ( and the indication "Rights reserved". The information used must only be for personal, associative or professional purposes. Any use for commercial or promotional purposes is excluded. It is forbidden to make this information available on a server.

Creating links to

The site authorises the establishment of a hypertext link pointing to its content, provided that:
- no use is made of the deep linking technique, namely, that the pages of the site must not be interlinked within the pages of another site but are accessible through the opening of a window.
- the source is mentioned, which will point directly to the content aimed for owing to a hypertext link. The information used must only be for personal, associative or professional purposes. Any use for commercial or promotional purposes is excluded.

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